Welcome to my new photojournalism and writing blog!


Above: Aerial photograph of the Darien Gap, Panama © Jonathan Mitchell/Alamy.com

Welcome to my new blog!

This has replaced my old web site which failed utterly to gain me any work or commissions.

I am a fortysomething has been photojournalist. Ruthlessly spat out by most of the London and Edinburgh newspapers, I now mostly just drink Scotch and rant about world affairs. Sometimes, when sober enough, I go out and take beautiful photographs, which I then file into indifferent photo agencies who care not if I am well-stocked with single malt whisky!

Such is the shocking world of British journalism. Hence, I decided that I should establish a blog to publish all those stories I work on which do not seem to tickle the high and exacting standards of Her Majesty’s Press. I hope you find some of them interesting and amusing.

And oh! You will also find links to my published ebooks here too…Slainte!


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